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Photography is both a hobby and a major aspect of my career. Professionally, I am a microscopist and technical director for the Optical Imaging & Vital Microscopy core at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas where I teach a wide array of advanced light microscopy techniques to academic researchers.

I kind of fell bass ackwards into photography.  Just before my senior year at the University of Maine, I spent a month studying herpetology in Central America.  It was a magical experience and I took pictures of everything.  Soon after my return, I started taking pictures for our campus newspaper - cleverly titled 'The Maine Campus'.  Not surprisingly, I wasn't very good but the publication had only a single darkroom for all the staff photographers so getting published was a direct result of how quickly you could turn photos around.

My academic advisor, Dr. Seth Tyler, ran an electron microscope facility that had a darkroom he graciously permitted me to use as I needed.  At the same time, he also encouraged me to take a graduate course in electron microscopy which really sparked my interest in the small world.  The rest, they say, is my history.

Please check out my microscopy and macrography images here:


-Jason Miles Kirk

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